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50 Years of LAFCOs
A Guide to LAFCOs - California's Local Agency Formation Commissions

The Brown Act - Open Meeting For Local Legislative Bodies

CALAFCO - link to California Local Agency Formation Commission website

CALAFCO - White Paper
State of the Art on Agricultural Preservation

Conflict of Interest Code Pursuant to the Political Reform Act of 1974
Shasta LAFCO Resolution 2014-01

DUC's - Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities
Technical Advisory - Senate Bill 244: Land Use, General Plans, and Disadvantaged Communities

Free AB1234 Ethics Training for Local Officials
Ethics Training - link to California Fair Political Practices Commission website

LAFCO 101: LAFCO and Local Governments - 2014 
Presented to Shasta LAFCO

SB 1266 Enactment
Shasta LAFCO does not have JPA (Joint Powers Authority) regulatory and review authority under the provisions of SB 1266 Enactment. Shasta LAFCOs role will be to serve as a depository for associated filings.  For further information, please see SB 1266 Enactment.

Striking A Balance
A Comparative Analysis of Services and Costs, Revenues Retained and Taxes Exchanged, Annexation and Other Alternatives 

Striking A Balance II
An Implementation Plan 

Website Requirements for Special Districts