A Subdivision of the State of California

Policies and Procedures

The Commission approved the updated Policies and Procedures on February 1, 2018.  If you have any questions on changes that have been made, you may contact Kathy Bull at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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TABLE OF CONTENTS pdf icon_micro

CHAPTER 1 pdf icon_micro
Commission Organization and Transaction of Official Business

Section 1.   Statutory Authority 
Section 2.   Commission Organization 
Section 3.   Transaction of Official Business 
Section 4.   Executive Committee

CHAPTER 2 pdf icon_micro
General Operations and Administration

Section 1.   Introduction
Section 2.   Budget and Accounting
Section 3.   Provisions for Quarters, Equipment, Services and Supplies
Section 4.   Provisions for Personnel
Section 5.   Miscellaneous Provisions

CHAPTER 3 pdf icon_micro
General Policies and Standards

Section 1.   General Policies Pertaining to Changes of Organization or Reorganization 
Section 2.   Agricultural and Open Space
Section 3.   Policies Pertaining to Changes of Organization and Reorganization

CHAPTER 4 pdf icon_micro
Procedures Pertaining to Changes of Organization and Reorganization

Section 1.   Shasta LAFCO Jurisdiction 
Section 2.   Notice and Public Participation
Section 3.   Initiation of Proceedings
Section 4.   Application Requirements
Section 5.   Commission Proceedings
Section 6.   Commission Proceedings/Action 
Section 7.   Reconsideration of Shasta LAFCO Decisions 
Section 8.   Conducting Authority Proceedings
Section 9.   Elections 
Section 10. Final Filings
Section 11. Specific Application Requirements

CHAPTER 5 pdf icon_micro
Spheres of Influence and Municipal Services Reviews

Section 1.   Spheres of Influence
Section 2.   Municipal Service Reviews
Section 3.   Procedures
Section 4.   Periodic Review and Update

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